Help you earn more money and find you more guys for your incall or outcall service. Gives 30 days free as a trial offer. Discrete assistance for ladies that provide sensual massages, femdom (mistress domination) sessions or a fully sensual discrete service. For independent ladies that need a computer guy for their discrete sensual service. No percentage, no games, no drama. I advertise 30 days for FREE and you earn extra money from my assistance. After 30 days, you will have extra money and possibly a few new regulars. After 30 days FREE, you can decide you can request my service again for a small fee that's less than $9 a day. A free web site is provided as long as you request assistance.
Here is my policy. These rules and guidelines are non-negotiable. My policy applies to ladies or small agencies that are clients or anybody that benefits from the advertising service.


  • If you reply to my offer it means you understand all the details to my policy and you will follow this policy as long as I provide service to you.

  • You must be 19 or older in age. And, you must look 19 or older in age.

  • If your face is visible in the photo it will be blurred out or just covered up similar to these photos). If you send a photo or pics with your face showing I will assume you want your face covered or blurred out. Therefore, your photo or pics will be edited so your face is not showing on your new web site. If you are in the process of creating pics or a good photo here are examples of some photos and poses.

  • Independent ladies or small agencies are welcome to request my services. I don't mind working with a small agency. I do NOT support the bait and switch methods. If I see or hear you are using this method I will end service and you will not get a refund.

  • Payment for this service is made through a money order, or a personal check. If your payment is late ... your email address and phone number will be removed from the web site until payment is received. Therefore, new emails requesting your service will be held in an administrative email box until your payment is received.

  • I never work on a commission. Therefore, do not make a counter-offer related to an affiliate offer or a commission offer.

  • This service is only available to one female at a time. Each offer only promotes one lady. Therefore, this service is only for YOU and not for your girlfriend and you. With a small agency, this service will advertise for ONE woman. If you want another woman to receive erotic advertising let me know. She will be advertised separately.

  • ONLY the lady that receives the offer has the option to use the offer. YOU (the one that received the offer) can not give this offer to your friend. If you have a friend that is interested then send me her pic, the donation she request per hour and her measurements. If I feel I can help her I will email her back.

  • If you request the service, but you do not send a photo or just an email ... I have no way to contact you. Until I receive an email address I can not give you the free service.

  • My service does not include creating fake reviews.

  • I do NOT provide service to any client that pretends to be a women, but is really a man. However, if you are a TS, but you state you are a man and you are very pretty (aka passable) I can possibly help you find clients.

  • There are no refunds. If you pay for 4 weeks and you decide to stop working that's up to you. The service you requested can not be transferred to another lady.

  • The service I provide relates to consecutive days. For example, if you request 4 weeks of service ... I will not provide service 2 days a week until 31 days of service is complete.

  • My service is for ladies or small agencies that either speak english or speaks enough english to hold a conversation. Otherwise, my service will not help you.

  • If your computer stops working or you no longer have access to a computer you must let me know. Use your text message on your cell phone. If your cell phone has been turned off use a friends cell phone or find a pay phone that lets people call you back at that number. If you contact me this only updates me of your situation. Everything remains the same.

  • With this advertising, you must pay before receiving more advertising assistance. It's up to YOU to remember to send the next payment. The minimum amount to send is for 4 weeks (1 month)

  • This service is available to small agencies and independent ladies. An agency that is new or with 10 or fewer ladies is a small agency. If two women work together but use different phone numbers then those 2 women are not considered an agency.

  • The fee for my service is not negotiable. Also, there are no-refunds.