advertised my nude bodyrubs and my full service stuff. I appeared on Google, but it made sure to cover up my face. I got 2 new regulars the first month. My outcall dates got better. Its good with the advertising stuff and he knows how to keep things private. hes a real sweatheart to work with. I don't know how he got that toll free number, but I just call him on my cell phone. He uses a separate email address to reply to new guys when I can't email them. Then we did a good photo session when got some short shorts that showed off my sexy side.
erotic advertising. example of discrete photo. Advertise your full service or bodyrub sessions

Ok, he's good at what he does. He knows how to find nice guys and somehow he filters how the jerks when he advertises for me. Once he gets my money order he emails me then he starts advertising again. The photos he did made me look a lil better than I thought. The next month I sent him 200, but his service is just 180, but its worth it.
provides erotic advertising. Then he emails to guys with your number and basic info. Then he spends alot of time replying to your bodyrubs stuff and everything you do. It just doesn't make appointments nor does he put 2 or more girlfriends on the same page. My outcall service picked up and I got fewer jerks asking explicit questions. I made alot more money after I did the photo session with him. It was worth it. He didn't ask me to do nude stuff and he didn't feel me up like some other photographers I dealt with.

    • Try not to rush a client. By looking at your watch or telling a client, "I have another date coming in a minute" (or something similar) you are rushing your client.

    • Don't use a fake photo. This is difficult you or she does not want to take a pic (or just a discrete pic).

    • If he wants you to wear something ... then wear it. A guy calls you and he says, "do you still have those stockings??" This means he likes it when cute women wear stockings. And, he wants to see YOU in those stockings.

    • Sound friendly, act friendly, be friendly. In your sexy offer you say, "Oh I can't wait to please you ... " (or something similar). Then near the end you say, "don't send me any e-mail!" This make you look un-friendly. Using emails does take up alot of time, but it's worth it.

    • Make it sound like you enjoy it (whatever "IT" is). You can be the sexist one there ... but if you just lay there (maybe thinking, "is this guy done yet" or "what should I get from the grocery store") with no moaning, groaning or anything that sounds like you're enjoying it ... is bad.

    • Make sure your hair is not flat or frizzy success is in the details and this is one of those details. How your hair looks is important to a guy. If you are a manager ... how would you feel if your girlfriend was bald??

    • Strive for good reviews. For a man to stop what he's doing and give a bad review ... that means he felt like he was ripped off. So he wrote a bad review about you.

    • Have a basic variety of clothing. Some guys want a woman that wears strappy high heels, while another one wants to see you in sheer black thigh high stockings. If you don't wear those sexy fishnet hose he likes so much (and his girlfriend will not wear) ... then don't be annoyed when he finds another girl that wears those fishnets. And "she" ends up getting your money.

for Erotic advertising. Advetises your sensual bodyrub sessions, your full service and even fetish sessions. He doesn't advertise 2 women on the same page. My outcall and incall sessions picked up even more once I did the photo session with him. My face didn't show in photos and he didn't ask me to do nudes and he didn't feel me up. He's a real sweetheart.

I understand that any donation that you request is for your time and companionship only. In no way do I, or the contents of any advertising, imply that physical contact will be made in exchange for financial or other reimbursement. HOWEVER: as consenting adults, any intimate contact that you mutually chose to engage in would be at your own discretion, with the clear understanding that such an encounter would be an adult decision and free of any fees.