Because of Spam and telemarketing calls, Emailing and Texting is Preferred over Calls. If you call and just hang up .. your number can be immediately blocked. Email or Texting is Strongly Preferred.

Send your photos, phone number and other information. You can use email - OR - use your cell phone and text your information and pics. Limit your texting to 1-3 times. Texting is ok from 10:30am to 10:30pm. Do not text at other times.

  ■ Don't be Explicit!! .. Lewd or Sexual Words are not used. Don't send them.
  ■ Give Details .. For example, "Incall", "Foot Fetish" "Massage", "Table Shower"
  ■ Give a Name .. Its more warm and friendly to have a "Real Sounding Name"
    (example "Amy", "Amber", etc .. instead of "Diamond", "Short Stuff", "Snow Bunny", etc.)

Select the deal you want.
All deals are affordable with 2 deals for less than $1.50 a day. Your advertising
does not gradually move down in the listing.

Summary of Deals: This is Just a Quick Summary
  ■ ($18 Deal) 1 month! No Full Page.
  ■ ($38 Deal) 1 month with a Full Page!
  ■ ($58 Deal) 1 month with a Full Page and Text Link to your site
  ■ ($98 Deal) 1 Month, 2 different women, 2 full pages with text links. Usually located in the top half of the listing.

Reminder(01): "Near the top" or in the Top Half means above the middle. Your text link should lead to your web site. No Pop-ups or a block of code with your url(link). It needs to be a clean link.

Reminder(02): If you order the $58 Deal or the $98 Deal .. You can be listed on 2-3 locations, Booty/Listing, Quick Listing(S/S Special), Foot Fetish/Listing, Fetish/Domme Listing, or A new Listing. Regular Clients and Clients that order the $98 Deal .. will come first with advertising.

Send your payment. Currently, There are 4 options.
  ■ Zelle or Person to Person thru your bank from Cell/Computer. Text or email for email address. Process takes minutes!!
  ■ PayPal. Text or email for email address. (process takes aprox 2 days)
  ■ Gmail (Open your email box and click the "$" icon (bottom section). Text or Email for Email Address
  ■ Send Check or Money Order. You mail it in (aprox 3 days). Text or email for Mailing Address.
    Bank Account Number is not given out OR asked for.

About Zelle
Many People use
Zelle (aka ZellePay.com). This involves transfering money thru the email that you use with your bank account.

About Money Orders
Money Orders can be picked up at many small stores, a post office or Walmart. It usually cost anywhere from 75cents to $1.50.
Just ask them, "Do You sell Money Orders?" After You get the money order, Text, Call or Email for the Mailing Address.
You can just mail it. This is for people with no bank account or wants to be very discreet.

If you have a problem or concern
If you paid for advertising and you need it to be updated or there is a problem feel free to email. Mention the name or
phone number related to your order. Contact service@sexysideservice.com