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    I respect people that see there is a demand for a fetish and sees a chance to make that extra money for themselves. Itís important to remember one think. If you provide a service do not bash or disrespect your clients when they are not around. The people that pay for your private service and your sessions help you to pay your bills or have the extra money you need.
    The word ďfetishĒ has gained a wider range of meanings. Many people just see it as meaning a strong sexual desire related to an object or an action. There are other means that are more specific. So try not to get anal on me by sending more definitions. Itís important not to be hypocritical. So, for example, if you are a lady that has a fetish for guys with cute butts, men in uniforms or men with a lot of money Ö donít bash other people with a different fetish than yours.

    A good rate is one that makes you the most money each month and the most money for each season. If you find guys haggling or negotiating with you about your rate Ö there is a good chance your rate is too high per hour. A good plan is to find the average rate then offer slightly below the average until you build up a few regulars.     Remember that a common sexy quality (such as being busty or slim) does not always help impress a client or help alter your decision related to your rate. So if you are a 30ish MILF 25lbs overweight with sexy legs and very cute feet Ö you can make more money than a sexy 20ish, busty blonde that does not have cute or sexy feet.

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